Export dried fruit packed

The Mazlomanian Golden Nuts Group in its export basket offers the following dried fruit products in beautiful and diverse packages to its foreign customers:

1- Peach
2- Kiwi
3- Dried tomatoes
4- Banana
5- Apple
6- Orange
7- Cherry
8- Pear
9- Dry tomatoes
10- Quince
11- Quince -lemon
12- Lemon
13- Pomegranate seed

Drying fruits is one of the ways to prevent their microbial degradation. In this method, due to the reduction of moisture content, the potential for microbial degradation is very low and the speed of other harmful reactions is also significantly reduced.

Drying while protecting the product also reduces its weight and volume considerably, thus reducing shipping and storage costs. While drying, in some cases, it produces products that are easier to use. The economic importance of developing the export of dried fruits, the inappropriate distribution of food sources and agricultural products, and seasonal and regional production of many products in the world are among the reasons for the importance of producing fruit nuts.